Postal service has served U.S. well


The United States Postal Service has served the citizens of our nation just fine until Donald Trump showed up. He says it can’t be trusted. He says U.S. mail voting can’t be secured.

Really? Tell that to the post office employees and letter carriers who get mail to my gravel road address six days a week. Tell that to Iowa’s 99 county auditors and their workers who count our ballots and are now burdened with Trump’s manufactured meddling.

Trump has never lived a day in rural America. He cares nothing of “little people.” That’s who he thinks we are.

Trump wants the naive and easily conned to believe our U.S. mail can’t be trusted so he has a way of cheating in the election. Donald Trump’s crony postal chief wants to privatize the post office as he sees it not as a service to rural America but a chance for a Wall Streeter to make a buck.

Does anyone remember rural free delivery, (RFD)? When the first Iowa route began in Morning Sun in 1896, it was well known it could not be a stock market money maker. It is a service to rural America.

For those of my fellow gravel roaders who think Fed Ex or Brown will visit your mailbox six days a week for a 55-cent stamp I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

There is nothing more infuriating than getting played for stupid. This con man is playing us for stupid. I won’t have it. How about you?

David Helman