Privatized Medicaid crippling rural health care

To the editor:

In the May 20 issue of the Southeast Iowa Union we read, “Henry County Health Center CEO Robb Gardner pointed to financial impacts caused by the switch to managed-care Medicaid in 2017 as a reason behind the hospital’s decision to “restructure” certain lines of service.”

While this comes as no surprise to many of us, it must have caught Rep. Joe Mitchell off guard. He has praised Gov. Branstad’s privatization of Medicaid management, saying that it is “working.” If the intent was to cripple rural health care systems, then it is working just fine.

However, if you do not have the time or means to seek medical care in Iowa City, this is of major concern. We are already losing the obstetrics unit at HCHC. What other vital services will be lost because our Republican “leadership” puts private profits and political cronies above the public good?

We need to reverse this catastrophic decision and hold those that support it accountable.

- Jeff Fager, Mt. Pleasant