Systemic racism has to end


We are still blessed to have a free press thanks to the Union and recent discussions of systemic racism by people who read this paper.

I hope a response by a senior member of the Washington community is also welcome. I am 92 years old, have lived in Washington all my life, and like most people, have established a value system through parents and friends that has served me well.

To be sure, one is often confronted with values that don’t quite fit into an orderly scheme of things and this has happened to me several times in my life. For example, as a child, I thought everyone was Christian as my family was and then I heard about Islam, Hinduism and others. After some study, I found that our world is populated by many religions whose people have a right to their own belief or no belief at all, just as we are.

Systemic racism is a very troubling value that has been with us for 400 years. It is time to be done with it.

“It is not enough to be not racist, we must actively choose to be anti-racist in our words actions, and policies.” I agree.

If some find it too difficult to reach an anti-racist stand, it may be you are struggling with cognitive dissonance. Look it up.

Sara L. Morrison

Washington, IA