Trump has not met challenges he faced

To the editor:

At this point President Donald Trump may not even be the nominee. He has made the Republican Party irrelevant and an anachronism. His words and deeds have unified and consolidated all the many diverse groups who now oppose him. Women will vote against him in overwhelming numbers. For those who have supported him in the past, he has outlived his usefulness.

President Donald Trump could not meet the challenges he faced. He was completely ineffectual when it counted most. There is not longer any moral basis for his leadership. His time is just about over, but the problems we face are not going to go away. He has made a bad situation worse. And the next president will have to deal with them, as will all of us. We need a unified country to solve the problems we face. and that is happening now.

There are some silver linings. You can see them every day if you know where to look. So many joining protests. Bush and Romney taking the high road. Our current and former military leaders speaking out for justice. Our young people inspired and mobilized. The Trump Era will be an anomaly. A period when America seemed to have lost her soul. then found it again, just in time.

Jim Turner, Fairfield