3 Columbus, 3 Highland on 1st team

Class A state champion Regals dominate All-District 6 football teams

Kaden Amigon-Suiter rushed for 107 yards and two touchdowns when Columbus defeated Highland Sept. 25. (James Jennings/The Union)
Kaden Amigon-Suiter rushed for 107 yards and two touchdowns when Columbus defeated Highland Sept. 25. (James Jennings/The Union)

Iowa City Regina won the Class A championship in the state playoffs and had three most valuable players selected on the All-District 6 football teams. Highland’s Owen Donovan was a Co-MVP as a utility player.

The Huskies had an additional three players make the first team as did Columbus.

There were just four underclassmen to make the teams, three sophomores and one freshman. Of those four recognized, two sophomores played for Lisbon, one for Wapello and the freshman was a Columbus Wildcat. Kaden Amigon was a first team selection as were Columbus teammates Tucker Bright and Will Schwab. Scwab and Bright are both seniors.

Highland had three juniors land on first team in Connor Grinstead, Eli Slaymaker, and Carsen Netser.



Theo Kolie, senior, Regina

Co-Offensive MVP

Ashton Cook, senior, Regina

Alec Wick, senior, Regina

Defensive MVP

Cole Clark, senior, Lisbon

Offensive Line MVP

Rhett Smith, senior, Wapello

Defensive Line MVP

Tyson Scott, junior, Lisbon

Co-Utility MVP

Devyn Decious, senior, Lisbon

Owen Donovan, senior, Highland

MVP Kicker

Hector Zepeda, senior, Wapello

First Team

ST Jackson Marx, senior, Regina

DL Josh Gaffey, junior, Regina

DE Aiden Udell, junior, Regina

OT Andrew Wiese, junior, Regina

WR Levi Quinlan, senior, Regina

OL/DLBrant Baltes, senior, Lisbon

RB/LB Jamien Moore, junior, Lisbon

WR/DB Will Bennett, junior, Lisbon

DB/RB Kaden Caspers, sophomore, Lisbon

OL Brantly Palme, senior, Wapello

TE Caden Thomas, senior, Wapello

QB Tade Parsons, junior, Wapello

RB/LB Will Schwab, senior, Columbus Junction

RB/CB Tucker Bright, senior, Columbus Junction

RB/LB Kaden Amigon, freshman, Columbus Junction

QB/DB Connor Grinstead, junior, Highland

L Eli Slaymaker, junior, Highland

B Carsen Netser, junior, Highland

WR Kael Unruh, senior, North Cedar

TE Gage Walshire, senior, North Cedar

RB Tyler Jackson, junior, North Cedar

Second Team

SS Sam Aitchison, junior, Regina

DL Jackson Mills, senior, Regina

OL Caden Shetler, junior, Regina

Rover/SS Blake Chambliss, junior, Regina

OL/DL Truman Krob, senior, Lisbon

OL/DL Braxton Kurtenbach, senior, Lisbon

DB/TE Braden Gladwin, sophomore, Lisbon

B/DB Gavin Wollum, junior, Lisbon

DB Keaton McConahay, senior, Wapello

LB Evan Ross, senior, Wapello

RB Jake Gustison, sophomore, Wapello

OL Robert Coil, junior, Columbus Junction

TE Mason Hodges, senior, Columbus Junction

B Brenton Bonebrake, junior, Highland

B Miller, junior, Highland

OL Jacob Sander, senior, North Cedar

QB Jaxon Sander, junior, North Cedar

Class A District 6 Final Standings

Iowa City Regina 5-0 6-1

Lisbon 3-1 5-2

Wapello 3-2 3-3

Columbus 1-4 2-5

Highland 1-4 1-5

North Cedar 1-3 1-5