A remembrance

Ed "Fast Eddy' Jones in known by many throughout Washington as the "No. 1 Demon fan." (File photo)

WASHINGTON — Many throughout Washington knew him. Many appreciated his attitude. Many miss him.

Feelings and memories of Ed “Fast Eddy” Jones were stirred Saturday when Washington hosted a softball tournament that was named in honor of Jones.

Jones was a mainstay with the Demon girls softball team to the extent they included him in their team photo.

Upon his death in July of 2018 a Washington Demon banner was hung over the Washington soccer and softball fields in honor of the e man who will forever be known as the Washington Demons No. 1 fan.

Coach Steve Roth, who hung the banner, remembers his friend with a smile.

“He always took care of us in a smiling Demon way,” Roth said. “We tried to take care of him in the same way whenever he had an issue. He was a special person and a special Demon fan.”

Roth said Jones’ love of sports ran deep, but it was his love for the community that connected him with people. There were few in Demons athletics that didn’t know Jones, Roth said. “He was there like clockwork,” Roth said of Jones’ attendance to athletic events.

Jones, 70, was pronounced dead, July 11, 2018, in his home. Jones’ roommate, Clarence Pedersen, was charged with first-degree murder in Jones’ death.

“Last year we felt it was fitting to name the softball tournament in Eddie’s honor,” Washington head softball coach Ben Obermann said. “There were many times that he would beat me to the field on game days, and I get to the field pretty early. That’s just who Eddie was. He loved the Demons. He loved the girls. He loved to help with the field. Eddie would always give the team a pep talk before the game as well. We miss that. It was a great way to relax the girls before first pitch, and he always had something to share. The world needs more people like Eddie.”

The Demons could have used Jones help Saturday morning.

“To get it game ready to begin with in the morning was a minor miracle with all the moisture we received. But, we have great assistant coaches and parents who would do whatever it takes to get the field safe and playable for the girls. Especially in a season that is this short due to COVID, we want to do everything possible to ensure we get games in. I’m pretty stubborn too when it comes to canceling games. We had the shop vacs out in full force, and it just takes time. We are very fortunate to have a field that drains extremely well. Not many diamonds around do what ours is able to do. If we have a couple hours to get it ready, even after all that rain we received, we can get it looking like it never had standing water on it.”