All-SEISC volleyball: VB leads way

Warriors get three on 1st team, three on 2nd; W-MU honored with three 1st-teamers

Union file photo

WACO’s Aubri Garnsey (pictured) was named to the All-SEISC South Division team as a libero.
Union file photo WACO’s Aubri Garnsey (pictured) was named to the All-SEISC South Division team as a libero.

The Southeast Iowa Super Conference released its All-Conference teams last week and the Union area is well represented.

Van Buren was the most decorated team in the SEISC. The Warriors had three first-teamers and three second-teamers in the South Division. Senior hitter Selena Sayre won Player of the Year honors and head coach Matt Zeitler took home Coach of the Year honors.

In the north division, the top Union area team was Winfield-Mt. Union. The Wolves had two first-teamers and one second-teamer.

Mediapolis swept Player of the Year and Coach of the Year honors. Senior hitter Helaina Hillyard won POY and head coach Erin Steffener was named COY.

Listed below are full teams for both divisions. The player’s grade in school is listed in parenthesis.

ALL SEISC NORTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Hitters: Helaina Hillyard (12), Mediapolis (POY); Kylee Sanders (11), Louisa-Muscatine; Ruthie Jahn (12), Mediapolis; Allison Bainbridge (11), Pekin; Jenna Buffington (11), Winfield-Mt. Union. Setters: McKenna Hohenadel (10), Louisa-Muscatine; Olivia Moehle (12), Mediapolis. Libero: Kyndal Townsley (11), Winfield-Mt. Union. Defensive Specialist: Mackenzie Springsteen (12), Mediapolis. Utility player: Jami Wilkerson (11), Winfield-Mt. Union

SEISC NORTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Hiiters: Kylie Davis (12), Pekin; Ellie Gerber (12), Mediapolis; Lindsey Massner (10), Wapello; Kayla Beenan (12), Columbus; Shadyn Bishop (12), Louisa-Muscatine. Setters: Kayla Edwards (11), Winfield-Mt. Union; Holly Massner (12), Wapello. Libero: Emma Milder (11), Columbus; Defensive Specialist: Kylie Noel (12), Pekin. Utility Player: Yanitza Gutierrez (11), Hillcrest Academy.

SEISC NORTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Taylor Howell (12), Columbus; Olivia Carrier (11), Columbus; Emily Streb (12), Highland; Alyssa Brase (12), Highland; Mia Graber (12), Hillcrest Academy; Danae McGaffey (12), Hillcrest Academy; Whitney Willoz (12), Lone Tree; Kylie Patterson (10), Lone Tree; Hailey Sanders (12), Louisa-Muscatine; Mallory Mashek (10), Louisa-Muscatine; Rachael Kennedy (12), Mediapolis; Josie Wolter (11), Mediapolis; Erika Coleman (11), Pekin; Kaylee Peiffer (11), Pekin; Gracie Gustison (11), Wapello; Courtney Matthews (11), Wapello; Anna Hudson (12), Winfield-Mt. Union; Madie Anderson (11), Mediapolis.


SEISC SOUTH DIVISION FIRST TEAM: Hitters: Sydney Marlow (11), West Burlington; Mya Merschman (11), Central Lee; Selena Sayre (12), Van Buren (POY); Morgan Graber (11), WACO; Katy Stephens (10), Notre Dame. Setters: Zoe Eschman (11), Central Lee; Kassi Randolph (10), Holy Trinity. Libero: Aubri Garnsey (11), WACO. Defensive Specialist: Isabel Manning (11), Van Buren; Maria Rauenbuehler (11), Hoy Trinity. Utility Player: Grace Davidson (12), Van Buren.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION SECOND TEAM: Addie Pry (12), New London; Maddie Cloke (12), Cardinal; Taryn Scheuermann (12), Van Buren; Claire Pothitakis (11), Holy Trinity; Gabby Deery (9), Notre Dame. Setters: Aliyah Bhristensen (10), New London; Logan Schmitt (12), Van Buren; Laney Graber (12), WACO. Libero: Rachel Lewman (12), Cardinal. Defensive Specialist: Tegan Kruse (12), Danville. Utility Player: Abbe Wellman (11), Central Lee; Madison Bartholomew (12), Van Buren.

SEISC SOUTH DIVISION HONORABLE MENTION: Chloe Davidson (12), Van Buren; Chelsey Huff (11), Van Buren; Alexa Wenger (12), New London; Kyra Linkin (11), New London; Andrea Benner (12), Central LEE; Meghan Hopp (10), Central Lee; Bailey Hellweg (11), Holy Trinity; Avery Hopper (12), Holy Trinity; Sophie Armstrong (9), West Burlington; Abbey Bence (9), West Burlington; Lona Farrier (11), WACO; Molly McLaughlin (11), WACO; Hope Ward (12), Notre Dame; Rylie Todd (12), Notre Dame; Maddy Langford (12), Cardinal; Lydia Moses (12), Cardinal; Isabella Smith (12), Danville; Lauren Beckman (12), Danville.