Area schools fill SEISC softball list

Van Buren County leads Union Coverage area with four first-teamers

Highland’s Sarah Burton throws to first for a Hillcrest out during a Class 1A regional opener at Highland. The Huskies scored a 13-1 win over Hillcrest to advance. (Doug Brenneman/Union)
Highland’s Sarah Burton throws to first for a Hillcrest out during a Class 1A regional opener at Highland. The Huskies scored a 13-1 win over Hillcrest to advance. (Doug Brenneman/Union)

After a compacted regular season and an excited postseason tournament, the Southeast Iowa Super Conference was finally able to name its All-Conference teams for the 2020 season. The Union area was well represented, getting 15 players on the first team alone.

Van Buren County led the Union Area with four players on the South Division first team. The Warriors had lone senior Lexi Jirak make the first team as an infielder, junior Chelsey Huff named as a pitcher, junior Isabel Manning named as an infielder and freshman Ally Campbell named as a utility player.

Three Union area teams; Pekin, Cardinal and New London, finished right behind VBC in first-team nominees with three apiece.

On the North Division first team, Pekin senior Emile Linder made it as an infielder. Junior Hannah Lucas was named to the outfield and junior Alli Bainbridge made the squad in the infield.

Highland’s youthful core was well-represented on the North Division’s first team. The Huskies had two freshmen and an eighth-grader named to the squad, taking up three of the four North Division first-team spots claimed by a freshman or lower.

Freshman Abi Stransky represented Highland as a catcher. Fellow freshman Dani Laughlin was named to the squad as an outfielder, and eighth-grader Sarah Burton made the team as an eighth-grader.

New London had two seniors, Layney Loyd and Kara Krieger named to the team. Loyd made it as a catcher and Krieger was named to the outfield. Sophomore Ashlyn McSorley made the squad as an infielder.

Winfield-Mt. Union received one first-teamer on the North Division squad. Junior ace Madie Anderson represented the Wolves in the pitcher slot.

Cardinal had one player named to the SEISC South Division team. Junior outfielder Alexia McClure represented the Comets.

Along with their first and second team names, each school had two players named as honorable mentions.

Listed below are the full teams for both the SEISC North and South Divisions.


POY: Hailey Sanders (11), Louisa-Muscatine

P: Madie Anderson (11), Winfield-Mt. Union

P: Abby Buckman (12), Lone Tree

C: Morgan Stecher (8), Louisa-Muscatine

C: Abi Stransky (9), Highland

IF: Kylie Sanders (11), Louisa-Muscatine

IF: Serah Shafer (10), Wapello

IF Sarah Burton (8), Highland

IF: Emiee lInder (12), Pekin

IF: Brynn Jeamby (10), Louisa-Muscatine

OF: Dani Laughlin (9), Highland

OF: Mady Reid (12), Wapello

OF: Mckenna Hoenadel (10), Louisa-Muscatine

OF: Hannah Lucas (11), Pekin

UT: Arlie Lorack (10), Lone Tree

UT: Alli Bainbridge (11), Pekin

UT: Aliyah Lolling (11), Wapello


P: Grace Batchellor (10), Highland

P: Libby White (10), Columbus

C: Toni Bohlen (11), Wapello

C: Anna Anderson (9), Winfield-Mt. union

IF: Mallory Mashek (11), Louisa-Muscatine

IF: Sammy Ewart (11), Wapello

IF: Mackenzie Springsteen (12), Mediapolis

IF: Jenna Sands (11), Highland

IF: Kinze Hora (10), Highland

OF: Holly Johnson (12), Lone Tree

OF: Morgan Richenberger (10), Wapello

OF: Mae Cox (11), Louisa-Muscatine

OF: Remington Duwa (12), Pekin

UT: Carlee Sloan (10), Winfield-Mt. Union

UT: Kayla Cerny (11), Highland

UT: Jayde Eberhardt (10), Mediapolis


Lone Tree: Lily Miller (12), Kinley Hayes (10

Mediapolis: Olivia Moehle (12), Hallie Mohr (10)

Pekin: Emy Zook (11), Kylie Davis (12)

Highland: Ali Brand (12), Jessica Kraus (9)

Winfield-Mt. Union: Melina Oepping (9), Molly Miller (11)

Wapello: Anesa Noa (11), Tatum Wolford (8)

Louisa-Muscatine: Beth Butler (12), Kenzie Kissell (9)

Hillcrest Academy: Mia Graber (12), Esther Hughes (10)

Columbus: Emma Milder (11), Jocelyn Fulton (9)


Bryan Butler: Louisa-Muscatine


POY: Lauren Summers (9), West Burlington-Notre Dame

P: Sophie Turner (10), central Lee

P: Chelsey Huff (11), Van Buren County

C: Logan Kelley (8), West Burlington-Notre Dame

C: Layney Loyd (12), New London

C: Broke Mueller (9), Holy Trinity

IF: Ashlyn McSorley (10), New London

IF: Lexi Jirak (11) Van Buren County

IF: Isabel Manning (11), Van Buren County

IF: Madelyn Stutsman (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame

IF: Reagan Engberg (10), West Burlington-Notre Dame

OF: Alexia McClure (11), Cardinal

OF: Meghan Hopp (10), Central Lee

OF: Kara Krieger (12), New London

OF: Addyson Kellen (12), West Burlington-Notre Dame

UT: Carlea Beckman (9), Danville

UT: Ally Campbell (9), Van Buren County

UT: Raven Messamaker (11), West Burlington-Notre Dame


P: Mary Hellige (9), Holy Trinity

P: Kassidy Verrips (12), Cardinal

C: Halo Arrowood (11), Central Lee

C: Miranda Richards (12), Danville

IF: Rachel Lewman (12), Cardinal

IF: Sofie Reighard (11), New London

IF: Lauren Krieger (8), West Burlington-Notre Dame

IF: Daly Brisby (12), Central Lee

IF: Morgan Waste (11), Danville

IF: Elise Oleson (9), West Burlington-Notre Dame

OF: Zoe Eschmann (11), Central Lee

OF: Makayla Morrison (9), Central Lee

OF: Marah Hartrick (11), New London

OF: Ella Jirak (11), Van Buren County

OF: Abbey Bence (9), West Burlington-Notre Dame

UT: Elly Manning (9), New London

UT: Andrea Benner (12), Central Lee

UT: Ava Smith (10), Danville


Cardinal: Maddie Cloke (12), Lydia Moses (12)

Central Lee: Sophie Woodley (12), Macy Watkins (10)

Danville: Lexi Moore (12), Makenzie Morris (10)

Holy Trinity: Kayla Box (9), Anna SOBCZAK (10)

New London: Alexa Wenger (12), Claire Jones (11)

Van Buren: Brooklyn Cormier (11), Annabel Cormier (9)

West Burlington-Notre Dame: Riley Richards (10), Anna Engberg (8)


David Oleson, West Burlington-Notre Dame


Team Conference Overall

1. Louisa-Muscatine 8-0 20-6

2. Wapello 6-2 11-6

3. Pekin 5-2 7-7

T4. W-MU 5-3 7-5

T4. Highland 5-3 9-7

6. Lone TREE 3-5 6-10

T7. Mediapolis 2-6 4-12

T7. Columbus 2-6 2-8

8. Hillcrest Academy 0-8 0-12


Team Conference Overall

1. WB/ND 6-0 14-4

T2. Cardinal 4-2 10-7

T2. New London 4-2 9-7

4. Central Lee 3-3 8-11

5. Van Buren County 2-4 9-8

6. Danville 2-5 2-8

7. Holy Trinity 0-6 1-10