Francy wins Crossfit March Madness tourney

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Iowa, one local gym in Mt. Pleasant is doing its best to stay connected with members and provide them ways to stay active and in good condition. With the absence of the NCAA March Madness tournament, Crossfit Teo held their own tournament with their members. A 40 person bracket was created made up of 6 rounds held from March 25 to April 1. These simple workouts were created to be done at home, such as performing 100 hand-release pushups in the shortest amount of time or doing as many burpees as possible in three minutes. The workouts were recorded and sent to the coaches online.

The winner? Jean Francy. She had this to say about the gym and the coaches:

“Our CrossFit Teo coaches are amazing,” she said. “They are so focused on us individually and at the same time are able to make us feel like family. The coaches have been helping me recover from rotator cuff surgery since January and when I’ve been discouraged about my slow recovery they give me things that I’m able to do with my restrictions to motivate me and keep me moving. I’m so thankful that they give us the opportunity to compete and work out while maintaining physical distancing. I look forward to working out together again.”

Crossfit Teo posts daily workouts on their Facebook and Instagram for anyone to stay active and get a workout in from their home.