Further guidelines rolled out for summer sports

The Iowa High School Atheltic Association and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union released new guidelines for the 2020 summer sports season. Baseball and softblal seasons will begin with practice on Monday, June 1, with games starting on June 15.

The vast majority of Iowa schools are in on summer sports. The one school that has said it will not play is Belmond-Klemme, a small school in northern Iowa. Belmond-Klemme made their decision just a few days after the state gave the thumbs up to the summer sports season.

Although almost every Iowa school district in Iowa is in, the associations say any school districts can cancel their season at anytime. Also, the county or state department of health can cancel a school’s season if concerns are raised regarding the number of COVID-19 cases. If a player tests positive for COVID-19, the school district must contact the county’s department of public health.

Players and coaches are encouraged to chave their temporature checked at home before going to practices or games. Players who have a temperature of 100.3 or higher are discouraged from attending practices or games. Schools are not responsible for chcking temperatures, and players and coaches are encouraged to do so at home.

Dugouts will only be used during games. Coaches are responsible for ensuring doscial distancing during both games and practices.

Essential personnel only are permitted ont eh field of play. Essential personnel includes players, coaches, trainers and umpires.

There will be no concession stands at any games. Athletes and spectators are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages.

Masks are not required for coaches and players, but players may wear masks if they choose. There are no restrictions on colors.

There will be no handshake lines after games. Players are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes, and are so encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Coaches are required to sanitize shared equipment before and after each game. It is recommended that sanitizers be used before and after each at-bat and when entering and leaving the playing field, but there are no official rules, just recommendations.