Mid-Prairie runs to 1st, 2nd

Columbus boys finish 4th among 8 cross-country teams

Mid-Prairie's Danielle Hostetler cruises to the finish line to win the cross-country girls race Monday in Iowa City. (Doug Brenneman/Union)
Mid-Prairie's Danielle Hostetler cruises to the finish line to win the cross-country girls race Monday in Iowa City. (Doug Brenneman/Union)

IOWA CITY — There is a problem for the Mid-Prairie cross-country teams.

Thaddeus Shelter was hurt running Monday at the Iowa Kickers Complex and had to drop out of the race.

“The problem is with Thaddeus hurt, we have to have a fifth runner and six and seven, but on the girls side, we have the opposite problem with eight girls that are all fairly close pushing each other to get the top seven,” head coach Mark Hostetler said. “Well, it’s not a problem for me, it’s a problem for the girls.”

The ‘problem’ is more a luxury, having so much talent on one team, evidenced by the Mid-Prairie girls finishing first and the boys second. The Columbus boys took fourth and Winfield-Mount Union was 10th. WACO also ran but like Columbus girls did not have enough for team scores.

“It was a very impressive performance running with some high-quality runners,” Columbus coach Steve Riley said. “We defeated all the schools in our class (1A), and are still unbeaten this season among 1A schools.”

Anchoring the girls team victory, Danielle Hostetler ran to the individual win despite an injury.

“I think I could’ve pushed harder, but it was starting to hurt me,” she said. Surely, it is a good sign to still win a race with a bothersome hip. “I suppose so.”

Taking second place 47 seconds behind Hostetler was teammate Sydney Yoder, who had extra motivation.

“My sister (Jaden) usually runs with me and she’s in quarantine so I just tried to push as hard as I could,” Yoder said. “I felt like I was running for my sister since she could not be here.”

Jamison Stutzman finished second in the boys race for Mid-Prairie but did not accomplish what he set out to do in the race.

“My goal was more about placing because I wanted to beat Brandon Barker,” Stutzman said. “I lost him a little bit past the two-mile mark. I got too far behind him and got caught in the wind.” Barker, of Clear Creek-Amana, had a winning time of 17 minutes, 21.32 seconds and Stutzman was 17:38.14.

Mid-Prairie’s boys are ranked third in Class 2A and the girls are ranked first. Rankings do not determine who wins, however.

“It just matters what we do on the course because rankings don’t really mean that much,” Stutzman said. “Our team goal is to win state. I really believe that we can do that.”

Yoder is more impressed with being ranked.

“The rankings are just mind blowing to me,” she said. “It is so crazy. We are blessed to get that recognition because we are not anything special. Our team is so good because we all love each other and work really hard together. We all have the same goal.”

Coach Hostetler said the ‘problem’ is a good thing to have. “It’s tough to see them work so hard and some get left out. I wish they’d let us run 10 girls at state at the end of the year. We have a really good group.”

BOYS TEAM SCORES 1. Clear Creek Amana 39, 2. Mid-Prairie 43, 3. Cedar Rapids Xavier 95, 4. Columbus 120, 5. South Tama 130, 6. Vinton-Shellsburg 173, 7. Wapello 193, 8. Montezuma 214, 9. Louisa-Muscatine 216, 10. Winfield-Mount Union 237. No team score — Prince of Peace, Mount Vernon-Lisbon, HLV, Burlington Notre Dame, WACO.

GIRLS TEAM SCORES 1. Mid-Prairie 20, 2. Clear Creek-Amana 77, 3. Prince of Peace 98, 4. Cedar Rapids Xavier 99, 5. Montezuma 101, 6. South Tama 143, 7. Vinton-Shellsburg 179. No team score — Columbus, Burlington Notre Dame, Winfield-Mount Union, Wapello, Louisa-Muscatine, WACO, HLV.



Mid-Prairie — 2. Jamison Stutzman 17:38.14, 4. Chandler Hershberger 18:09.31, 7. Nathan Wallington 18:18.01, 9. Lucas Bontrager 18:43.84, 25. Mose Yoder 19:42.53

Columbus — 12. Isaac Acosta 18:48, 24. Damian Vergara 19:38, 31. Alex Rivas 20:09, 32. Freddy Vergara 20:10, 34. Mason Hills-Carrier 20:14

WACO — 78. Wyatt Dennis 22:18.07, 117. Mattias Luitjens 25:27.21, 135. Noah Freed 29:15.8

Winfield-Mount Union — 23. Dane Sweezer 19:37.75, 47. Gabe Hemsworth 20:51.07, 80. Talon Newton 22:24.47, 92. Jacob Haines 23:10.24, 95. Anden Gipple 23:28.91, 101. Lane Scorpil 23:56.56


Mid-Prairie — 1. Danielle Hostetler 19:45.71, 2. Sydney Yoder 20:27.52, 4. Mitzi Evans 20:49.13, 5. Abby Fleming 21:40.27, 8. Phoebe Shetler 21:59.58

Winfield-Mount Union — 32. Avery Maeder 24:58.65, 63. Bayla Thomson, 29:16.76, 64. Emma Richardson 29:22.19

WACO — 62. McKenzie Vradenburg 29:10.44, 66. Hannah Dennis 30:16.7

Columbus — 45. Averi Sipes 26:43.63, 46. Kimberly Gonzalez 26:45.1, 70. Alexa Alcala 31:53.45, 72. Julie Sosa 32:24.01