Six, McClaran named All-SEC 1st team

Trojans land one first-teamer, two second-teamers to lead Union area

Union file photo

Fairfield libero Olivia McClaran (pictured) was named to the All-SEC first team, the only Trojan to get a first team nod.
Union file photo Fairfield libero Olivia McClaran (pictured) was named to the All-SEC first team, the only Trojan to get a first team nod.

The Southeast Conference released its All-conference volleyball teams last weekend and both Washington and Fairfield were honored with a first-team nominee. Demon hitter Addison Six and Trojan libero Olivia McClaran, both seniors, graced the top team.

Fairfield led the area with two names on the second team. Senior setter Lily Hoskins and junior hitter Olivia Jones made the second team. Mt. Pleasant junior hitter Avery Sutter was also named on the second squad.

Mt. Pleasant had six players named to the honorable mention list, most in the SEC. Washington received two honorable mention and Fairfield had one.

The three schools were also honored for their work in the classroom. Washington had 15 players named to the All-Academic list. Mt. Pleasant had 13 and Fairfield had 11.

Listed below is the full list of All-SEC names. For first and second team honorees, the player’s grade in school is listed in parenthesis.

ALL SEC FIRST TEAM: Addison Six (12), Washington; Isabel Vandenberg (12), Keokuk; Olivia McClaran (12) Fairfield; Jillian Wiseman (12), Ft. Madison; Lauren Bailey (11), Ft. Madison; Angel Baylark (12) Burlington; Madison Bunton (11), Burlington.

ALL SEC SECOND TEAM: Bailey Siemann (12), Burlington; Peighton Davis (12), Burlington; Kylie May (12), Burlington; Gracie Pumphrey (12), Ft. Madison; Lily Hoskins (12), Fairfield; Olivia Jones (11), Fairfield; Keleigh Hall (11), Keokuk; Avery Sutter (11), Mt. Pleasant.

ALL SEC HONORABLE MENTIONS: Carley McGinity, Burlington; Alyssa Dameron, Burlington; Grace Stever, Fairfield; Kailyn Guzman, Ft. Madison; Reyna Lampe, Ft. Madison; Lexi Gerretson, Keokuk; Michenna Davis, Keokuk; Miracle Ailes, Keokuk; Abby Wolter, Keokuk; Maggie Cristoforo, Mt. Pleasant; Ralyn Seberg, Mt. Pleasant; April Simon, Mt. Pleasant; Reece Barton, Mt. Pleasant; Lexie Magnani, Mt. Pleasant; Carolina Richtman, Mt. Pleasant; Kinsey Duwa, Washington; Kaitlyn Mitchell, Washington; Hannah Anderson, Washington.

ALL-SEC ADADEMIC ALL-CONFERENCE: Bailey Wiemann, Burlington; Kylie Mat, Burlington; Peighton Davis, Burlington; Lydia Allen-Barens, Burlington; Carley McGinity, Burlington; Madison Bunton, Burlingto; Alyssa Dameron, Burlington; Brynn Casady, Burlington; Elayna Zaiser, Burlington; Megan Topping, Burlington; Kayla Angle, Burlington; Kylee Lohmann, Burlington; Dryonna Lunsford, Burlington; Lily Hoskins, Fairfield; Olivia Jones, Fairfield; Lauren Kraemer, Fairfield; Callie Ledger, Fairfield; Gracee Lisk, Fairfield; Olivia McClaran, Fairfield; Allison Rebling, Fairfield; Chloe Stever, Fairfield; Grace Stever, Fairfield; Rachel Thomas, Fairfield; Sophie Wallerich, Fairfield; Jillian Wiseman, Ft. Madison; Lauren Bailey, Ft. Madison; Nadia Boeding ,Ft. Madison; Kylee Cashman, Ft. Madison; Kailyn Guzman, Ft. Madison; Allison Hemlick, Ft. Madison; Reyna Lampe, Ft. Madison; Kendall Beebe, Ft. Madison; Jada Sheppard, Ft. Madison; Graice Gobble, Ft. Madison; Taylor Barnes, Ft. Madison; Lauren King, Ft. Madison; Madelyn Swigart, Ft. Madison; Michenna Davis, Keokuk; Keleigh Hall, Keokuk; Gracie Koeber, Keokuk; Abigail Thompson, Keokuk; Isabel Vandenberg, Mt. Pleasant; Audrey Hake, Mt. Pleasant; Karsyn Lamm, Mt. Pleasant; Elli Liechty, Mt. Pleasant; Maddie Moore, Mt. Pleasant; Serena Situmeang, Mt. Pleasant; Avery Sutter, Mt. Pleasant; Maggie Cristoforo, Mt. Pleasant; Lexie Magnani, Mt. Pleasant; Caroline Richtman, Mt. Pleasat; Virginia Scandridge, Mt. Pleasant; Apryl Simon, Mt. Pleasant; Lydia Situmeang, Mt. Pleasant; Kenna Smith, Mt. Pleasant; Halle Barkema, Washington; Brynn Beenblossom, Washington; Taylor Brinning, Washington; Sophia Kleese, Washington; Cameron Malichky, Washington; Olivia Marek, Washington; Emma Nichols, Washington; Hannah Anderson, Washington; Macy Driscoll, Washington; Kinsey Duwa, Washington; Samantha Farmer, Washington; Alexa Mitchell, Washington; Kaitlyn Mitchell, Washington; Olivia Pacha, Washington; Addison Six, Washington.