Tristin's travels

Washington High School graduate and state wrestling champion Tristin Westphal-Edwards arrived in Europe Sunday and is providing the Evening Journal with a first-person account of his days in Kosovo, where he is competing.

This is his report from Monday.

My second day has been absolutely amazing!

My day started off with breakfast in our amazing hotel. It was a very good breakfast, but it took a little nudge from a few of my wrestling buddies to force me to try some of the new foods.

I began to get very tired due to the fact I barely slept because I’m so used to United States time.

We had a nice meeting, a very nice lunch which was very good as well.

We then were invited by the prime minister to a ceremony to celebrate us, and the army.

We finally got to be able to wrestle with the Kosovo boys, which I had done before when they came to Iowa. It was so much fun and I learned a lot along with got better.

After, we had a nice team dinner at a very good restaurant! The fresh bread here is amazing!

The rest of the night is filled with hanging with our Kosovo friends, shopping, and touring!