Tristin's travels


Washington High School graduate and state wrestling champion Tristin Westphal-Edwards arrived in Europe Sunday and is providing the Evening Journal with a first-person account of his days in Kosovo, where he is competing on the mat.

This is his report from Tuesday.

Today has been great and it is currently 11 p.m. here as I send this. I am sitting in my hotel getting ready for bed.

We have went to the city of Priziren, which is the second largest city in Kosovo behind Prishtina. We are here in Prizerin to see more stuff, get more souvenirs, and wrestle today and tomorrow.

We had a great couple of meals here in Prizerin. First going to a restaurant that served almost everything you could think of. We also had very new foods that we had never tried before. We ate until we couldn’t anymore, they serve their food in large quantities in a thanksgiving-like way.

After that we were able to go out and buy stuff, interact with people, and soon after we went to train. We wrestled in one of the highest clubs in Kosovo/Europe.

It was so fun to see some of the new techniques I had never seen before.

We then meant the athlete administrator of the whole country. He featured us on TV and honored us with a huge award. We had a great supper. The ice cream here is amazing! And now it’s bedtime!