Tristin's travels

Washington High School graduate and state wrestling champion Tristin Westphal-Edwards arrived in Europe June 9 and is providing the Evening Journal with a first-person account of his days in Kosovo, where he is competing on the mat. He will continue his competition activity in Orlando, Florida at the Disney Duals.

This is his report from Monday.

By Tristin Westphal-Edwards

I had a great last day in Kosovo! It was very emotional, but much needed and very enjoyable!

I had a lot of fun seeing Peja, which is our tour guide, Zanna’s home town. It was stunning.

We also were invited into the home of some of the people of Peja and enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal.

We went to a zip line and it was unbelievable as we ziplined through the mountains and over the beautiful water.

After ziplining, me being a crazy kid, I decided it was a great idea to jump off the cliff into the water. It was indeed a great idea and a lot of fun because soon after some others followed.

We then headed back to Prishtina to gather all of our stuff, say some last goodbyes, and stroll the city once more.

I am so grateful and all glory to God for allowing me to come to Kosovo to figure out myself, to learn and train in the sport of wrestling, and to experience an amazing culture!

It is now 1:48 a.m. and we are headed to the airport!

See ya in Orlando!