Trojans take down Tipton in the pool

Fairfield’s Emma Sanner pushes it during her heat of the 200-yard free relay on Monday. (Andy Krutsinger/The Union)
Fairfield’s Emma Sanner pushes it during her heat of the 200-yard free relay on Monday. (Andy Krutsinger/The Union)

FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield swimming team hadn’t beaten Tipton since head coach Brittany Winslow took over the squad, but that all changed on Monday in the Trojans’ home dual. Fairfield nipped Tipton in a nail-biter, 76-72.

The Trojans won just four of 11 events on the night, but utilized their team depth to pick up a win on senior night.

“Normally (Tipton) has pretty fast swimmers,” said senior Clare Else, who won two events on the night. “We’re all pretty excited that we beat them.”

Freshman Willow Larsen picked up a couple of wins as well, taking the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard breast stroke, the ladder of which she is looking to take her to the state meet.

“It’s really special to see the team have good spirit, and see them enjoy the win,” Larsen said. It was the Trojans’ second competition day in three days, as the team was in Burlington for a meet on Saturday. Coach Winslow says her team was ready for the grind with how much they’ve been swimming leading up to this week.

“We’ve been working super hard this season,” Winslow said. “I told them tonight, they should be super proud of themselves.”

Fairfield will be in action again next Monday, Oct. 5, when they host Keokuk and Williamsburg.

WINNERS AND FAIRFIELD FINISHERS 200-yard medley: 1. Tipton (Avery Calonder, Kayley Clark, Rhyan Hoefler, Zoe Stonebaker) 2:07.92; 2. Fairfield (Willow Larsen, Grace Sobaski, Emma Clubb, Clare Else) 2:13.84; 4. Fairfield (Lilly Huff, Viola Welsh, Delaney Breen, Dakota Wages) 2:46.45

200-yard freestyle: 1. Kayley Clark (Tipton) 2:25.16; 2. Emma Clubb 2:36; 3. Grace Sobaski 2:47.94; 4. Ella Weigert 2:50.36

200-yard individual medley: 1. Willow Larsen 2:23.71

50-yard freestyle: 1. Zoe Stonebaker (Tipton) 27.04; 2. Anna Westphal 33.71; 3. Emma Sanner 36.58; 4. Lilly Huff 37.02

100-yard fly: 1. Rhyan Hoefler (Tpiton) 1:05.47

100-yard freestyle: 1. Clare Else 1:09.58

500-yard freestyle: 1. Avary Calonder (Tipton) 6:02.95; 2. Emma Clubb 6:48.98

200-yard free relay: 1. Tipton (Rhyan Hoefler, Avary Calonder, Kayley Clark, Zoe Stonebaker) 1:57.53; 2. Fairfield (Emma Sanner, Delaney Breen, Ella Weigert, Anna Westphal) 2:18.78

100-yard backstroke: 1. Willow Larsen2”02.10; 2. Delaney Breen 1:33.25; 4. Anna Westphal 1:39.35

100-yard breast stroke: 1. Clare Else 1:28.07; 2. Grace Sobaski 1:30.84; 5. Viola Welsh 1:41.25

400-yard free relay: 1. Tipton (Zoe Stonebaker, Avary Calonder, Kayley Clark, Rhyan Hoefler) 4:16.41; 2. Fairfield (Emma Clubb, Grace Sobaski, Clara Else, Willow Larsen) 4:46.78; 3. Fairfield (Emma Sanner, Delaney Breen, Anna Westphal, Ella Weigert) 5:34.18